About us

We’re a team of young people who love to look into the future. Future Makers is one of the programs developed by Social Innovation Solutions, a global organization that supports the development of sustainable solutions for the future.

At Social Innovations Solutions, our mission is to empower individuals and organizations to understand future transformations and develop sustainable tech, policy, and entrepreneurial solutions.

Our Values


We believe in the power of communities. We know that two or more people will always come up with a better solution to a problem.


We are believers. We look at an idea and we see how it will develop in the future. We do the same with people and their potential.


We like to consider ourselves future makers, so we're not afraid of change. The future comes with challenges and we want to respond to them creatively.

At Social Innovation Solutions, we contribute to the development of the Romanian and regional start-up ecosystem through our CEE incubators and accelerators: Future Makers, Social Impact Award, Transformator and Switch. We also organize global conversations and develop learning platforms such as Future Summit, Future Talks and Sustainable Futures. By 2026, our aim is to have already managed to prepare for the future over 100K people from 30 countries.


We are always looking to improve ourselves and embrace feedback. We are open to new possibilities, new versions of our current selves.


Even if we love being alive, we know this won’t last forever. That’s why, we want to make sure we’ll leave this world as safe as we received it.

Our Entrepreneurship Community

The Future Makers Team

Paul Nechita


With an academic background in Human Resources Management and Project Management, Paul is the Project Manager of this year’s edition of Future Makers. He is passionate about entrepreneurship and he believes it has many similarities with an extreme sport. He’s the Winner of Social Impact Award - 2019 and of Junior Achievement “Company of the Year” - 2018, two competitions that promote entrepreneurship for young people.

He thinks that entrepreneurship can be thought like any other job and that you don’t need luck in order to succeed, but only hard work. In his spare time, he builds oko, a streetwear clothing brand that uses sustainable materials. He’s also part of Global Shapers Bucharest Hub, an initiative of World Economic Forum. His favorite city is Barcelona and he loves Formula 1.

Roxana Cojocaru


Roxana has a background in Marketing and Business Management with 10+ years in Sales, Fundraising, Event Management and Education across corporate, start-ups, NGOs and International Organizations. She organized international high-profile events such as TEDxCERN, TEDxBucharest, IAA Global Conference, Feed Your Mind Platform (within AWAKE Festival). Her professional experience spreads across four continents (Europe, Africa, Asia, North America) and she has worked with more than 30 nationalities by now. 

Roxana aims at building a better future by making the present better through knowledge sharing processes and impact increasing initiatives, building learning experiences for entrepreneurs and start-ups in her current role as Incubation Lead at Social Innovation Solutions. Roxana is also a member of Global Shapers Bucharest Hub, an initiative of World Economic Forum.

Corina Gavrilita

Program Officer

Corina is an International Relations and European Studies graduate with 3 years experience in the international higher education sector. During her university studies and in her early career, she has pursued volunteering experiences and Erasmus+ programs which have exposed her to diverse groups of people passionate about tackling the social, economic and environmental issues of the present and the future.

She believes that education has the power of changing one’s life and has worked in organizations supporting young people from across the globe to reach their potential through education. Corina is passionate about multicultural environments and working with others in finding solutions for present and future challenges. She has recently joined Social Innovation Solutions and she is working on sustainability programs, as well as incubators.

Ioana Axinte

Incubation Consultant

Ioana has led on the design and delivery of national and international programmes from youth outreach & entrepreneurship, executive leadership education, pitching competitions and start-up acceleration for the past 5 years for leading organisations (University College Birmingham, Aimhigher West Midlands, Office for Students, Aston Business School - Aston Centre for Growth, Imperial College London, MSDUK, New Horizons Foundation) working with over 1,000 youth, 500 teachers & 1,500 start-ups, scale-ups, and high growth businesses.

Romania National Finalists 2020 Central European Startup Awards
Second Place - Youth Projects @ Gala Societății Civile
Third Place - Economic & social development @ Gala Societății Civile