How early-stage are you?

This year’s edition of Future Makers comes up with a novelty. You can register based on your experience and get personalized advice and mentorship regarding your business challenges, not just general knowledge.

Find out which group suits you

Personalized incubator for early-stage startups

01. The Trained Ones

If you’ve been running your business for one to two years already, it’s time to hit the market and get more customers. If you are in this phase, you are eligible to apply.

Starting July 2022

Registration fee:


Final Pitch:

450 EUR

Early July


02. The Beginners

If you have a business idea on paper or less than one year since founding your start-up, you are eligible for registering in this experience tier.

Starting July 2022

Registration fee:


Final pitch:

350 EUR

Early July


This year’s awards

You’ll have the chance to pitch your idea and win one of our prizes during the Future Makers Final: 15,000 Euro for 'The Trained Ones' and 5,000 Euro for 'The Beginners' group.

The pitches will take place at the end of November 2022, while the practice sessions for both groups of start-ups will be organized between November 7 - November 21, 2022.

At the end of the competition, only 10 teams from both groups will be able to pitch in front of real investors and representatives of VC funds from Europe, for even greater investment opportunities.

The Trained Ones

15.000 EUR

The Beginners

5.000 EUR

10 Weeks

During the ten weeks of our entrepreneurship school, you’ll get access to one-to-few experts discussions, mentorship pairing and a comprehensive workbook to take home afterwards.

6 Countries

You can apply to Future Makers incubation program if you are based in one of the following countries: Greece, Hungary, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia.

50 Teams

After a rigorous evaluation, we will select a group of 20 experienced start-ups - The trained ones and another one of 30 start-ups that are just starting - The beginners.

What else you’ll get

At the end of the program, no matter the results, all the participants to Future Makers will receive the all-in-one workbook. This will help you build upon any business idea in the future.

Business Model Canvas

You’ll learn how to create value to your customers and you’ll be able to replicate the process for any new business idea using this template.

One Pager Template

Any pitch, no matter how you deliver it, is based on a one pager. We live in a digital world and you’ll need it to present your business briefly via email or chats when talking won’t be possible.

Business Plan

Working with goals means translating “I want to get 3 clients” into “I will contact 10 new brand managers by the end of November to win 3 clients.” At the end of the program, you’ll get a plan for your business and you’ll be able to create one from scratch.

Pitch Deck

Learn how to create a compelling presentation to pitch your business plan to investors. Creating a pitch deck will help you transform your business plan into a real deal for investors.

Elevator Pitch

We know it’s hard to explain the value of your business in 30 seconds. That’s why, we’ll show you how to do it and we’ll give a template to use anytime you need to pitch an idea..

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