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Future Makers 2023

Ten weeks of intense work on your business, mentoring and personalized support backed by the all-in-one workbook. All of these and the chance to win one of our awesome prizes plus pitch in front of real investors and VC funds representatives from Europe.

Get referred and win a 30% discount

Get a 30% discount at registration if you get referred by an ex-Future Makers participant (hint: take a look at the Previous Editions page). We encourage you to learn as much as possible about our industry agnostic program by interacting with people who have already benefited from Future Makers in the past.

What else you’ll get

At the end of the program, no matter the results, all the participants to Future Makers will receive the all-in-one workbook. This will help you build upon any business idea in the future.

Business Model Canvas

You’ll learn how to create value to your customers and you’ll be able to replicate the process for any new business idea using this template.

One Pager Template

Any pitch, no matter how you deliver it, is based on a one pager. We live in a digital world and you’ll need it to present your business briefly via email or chats when talking won’t be possible.

Business Plan

Working with goals means translating “I want to get 3 clients” into “I will contact 10 new brand managers by the end of November to win 3 clients.” At the end of the program, you’ll get a plan for your business and you’ll be able to create one from scratch.

Pitch Deck

Learn how to create a compelling presentation to pitch your business plan to investors. Creating a pitch deck will help you transform your business plan into a real deal for investors.

Future Trends Report

A short future trends report is a brief document that draws on current market research and analysis to predict emerging technologies, consumer preferences, market growth rates, major players, and other factors that will shape the industry's future.

Elevator Pitch

We know it’s hard to explain the value of your business in 30 seconds. That’s why, we’ll show you how to do it and we’ll give a template to use anytime you need to pitch an idea..

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